Fashion Crew Amazon Ecommerce Template Pack


Are you looking to enhance your Amazon storefront with a stunning and professional touch? Introducing the Fashion Crew Amazon Ecommerce Template Pack - the perfect solution for the fashion, accessories, and clothing niche.

With a captivating Amazon product gallery and e-commerce adverts, this template will elevate your online presence. Featuring elegant, grunge, and organic styles, it offers versatility to suit your brand aesthetics. Showcase your products with eye-catching images and create an unforgettable shopping experience.

Ideal for adverts, e-commerce, and social media campaigns, this template is a must-have for any fashion-forward business. Upgrade your Amazon storefront today and stand out from the competition!

Template Sizes:

  1. 3x E-commerce Hero Shot 2000 x 2000

  2. Storefront Page Graphics
    ✔️Storefront Header 3000 x 600
    ✔️Module 1 970 x 300
    ✔️3x Square modules 300 x 300

  3. E-commerce Lifestyle shot 2000 x 2000

  4. 2x E-commerce Callout Shot 2000 x 2000

  5. HD Banner 1920 x 1080

  6. HD Wide Banner 1920 x 675

  7. Story Advert 1080 x 1920

  8. Square Advert 1080 x 1080

  9. Facebook Advert 1200 x 628

Fonts used:

  • Italiana

  • Lato

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