Webinar Wizardry: YouTube Assets Template Pack (Glorify Template)


Are you a technology or software enthusiast looking to enhance your YouTube presence? Look no further! Introducing our Webinar Wizardry: YouTube Assets Template Pack. This comprehensive template pack is designed specifically for individuals in the technology and SaaS field who host webinars. With bold, elegant, and modern styles, this pack includes everything you need to create a captivating YouTube experience.

From eye-catching YouTube Channel Art to three stunning Thumbnails, a Community Post, and a Social Profile Image, this pack has got you covered. Elevate your YouTube game and make a lasting impression with our Webinar Wizardry: YouTube Assets Template Pack. Get ready to take your social media presence to the next level!

Template Sizes

  • 1 Profile Image

  • 1 Community Post

  • 1 Channel Art

  • 3x Youtube Video Thumbnails

Fonts Used

Space Grotesk

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